Saturday, July 29, 2017

Window to soul

Note to readers:
I've been doing this blog w/ wordpress for years:

.... but now they have changed their code and i can no longer use them w/ my old Mac Mini, OS 10.4, pre-intel chips, browsers that i can only update to a certain point.
Soooo... Blogspot to the rescue! I plan on 'keepin' on keepin on'!!

This was another one that went thru quite a metamorphosis from beginning to end.
It's a sandwich, two negs together in the enlarger neg holder, exposed at the same time.
Or it's equivalent done w/ photoshop, i did both.
The P'shop sketch looked pretty interesting, however the darkroom print just got too muddy.
No problemo, P'shop to the rescue :-)
Here's the sequence, first the negs.

The Cloud:

The Window:

The Photoshop 'sketch' of the sandwich:

Now the darkroom print:

Then the digital color variations:

The screen shot, w/ the layers/color:

From Btm up:

SC4 - K/+K
HueSat - window clouds, + blue
SC 1 - K/-Y
SC2 - deals w/ warm brown orange hi-lites on the wall.
SC3 - just window, better blue, +M


I particularly like this one in spite of the fact that the darkroom print needed some serious recusitation.
How it gets handcolored?... 'artist's choice' = do what ever you want.

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